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tv   Fox 8 News at 430AM  FOX  February 17, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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the forecast. yesterday was a mess. half a dozen different photosphere. you can check them out beautiful photos you want jaden at all with a eastern portage county will post a link on the facebook page is a look at the entire
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snow splatters lumpkin said one point they had about chartier in clevelandsa millersburg down in areas that don't get a lot of heavy snowil five or six trick akron them barbertonon between ten to 12 inches of snow another week front passing through the areao i would be if that's the if we pick up a quick of half inch pieces of fire with lesserh
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at least to the noon hour we stayed below 30 degrees. pelican quick burst of snow d most of that should become the next hour and a half the coverage oner any snow later today this is not count was falling now generally under a quarter of an another push of colder thanan
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strong that answer is, yes, i think will see a few of these panhandle whetstoneee fox 8 newsew is your officials school closing station.
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it's nice to see the roads this morning .
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the president of the united states is to nominate someone for california was desperately looking for her father who disappearedca during her wedding.dd he had phone to be there for starters the debris field versus the same satiation of the happy afterlife after the wayne
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family he has not been seen cents.ot not sure what the reasons is not doing work. this county water and officers search with canines on the
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father. how this up producer says the factor here both his homer will tell the character good real-time using motion capture technology goes intoti the first time it was thick with thishi appeared on the sharks and it's 27 s year history. stillor very early on a wednesday. we do weather and traffic every it's an act of kindness that shall never forget.dn
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good morning we stop light snow on radar as a couple of the snow
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set of cleveland er maybe not sot much on lake affect overalll movement of the front. and another hour this thing will disappear entirely is good news for the morning commute as we look at a temperature 28 and mentor 28th in a war witha temperatures currently at 20 rest of the should be climbing into the lower 30s this afternoonhli it will be pretty hit and miss will talk about the warm-up for friday coming up in just a few we're doing well on our wednesday. the roads are green that means you're traveling at the posted speed limit if not betterha theyhe
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this is 90 on the insidede of this construction thank you very much. she thought she was getting toto get from place a cleveland mother said his saved her family from starving. suzanne strafford has a touching story and the woman special message for those caring it was almost 1:00 in the month willis the middle of the night. they had a all day. twoy daughters ages nine and 11 so hungry she could no longerer wait to find food unable to buy anyto after pain pills my will
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lights in a phone i don't have any money left she walked to easementef hundred 52nd straight tonight the offramp jane panhandle and someone a policeo car. there is one ended they were quick to open their doors. it's a one-way ticket to happen. every day he feeds peoplefe breakfast and lunch and dinner. >> two or three what you need. pick donated aloft last a few days in the sergeant patrol officersrs deliver the food to
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we went and took a picture and a hunter.a and i was so thankful and all i could do his thing god those officersgo were so nice that early learninge all of the can officers up. andn then cleveland suzanne scheafer, fox 8 news.n
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it's another wonderful day onon the shores of northeast ohio. this 15th day of february. my name is wayne dawson. >> my name is kristi capel.ap scott has a look at your drive forecast. it's going to change as we look at storm fox radar. there is a mini cold front passing through but not much ofer the big temperature drop it is enough to trigger a snow shower. this is itw really that fluffy snow for the wet snow that weth had as temperatures have dropped into the 20s. starting to see that snow passing just north of clevelandcl over the lake affect quick quarter of an inch possible further south and further east
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